narrator, percussionist, hybrid artist
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Information about narrated works, programs, and commissions.


Greg Jukes specializes in orchestral narration, inviting audiences to share his love of orchestral music through stories, humor, and interactive play. Greg has worked with orchestras in the midwest and along the east coast of the U.S., including an annual week of shows on the National Philharmonic’s second grade concerts which reach over 12,000 students every year.

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In addition to performing standards like Peter and the Wolf and newer classics like Russell Peck’s The Thrill of the Orchestra, Greg designs programs for young audiences and writes new scripts to accompany masterworks such as Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite and Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

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Concerts and Commissions

Thematic concerts give audiences a framework for listening to great repertoire. Recent programs include To The Planets and Beyond with music from Star Wars and Holst’s The Planets and a Wild West show that features Copland’s Billy the Kid mixed with the folk songs and legends that inspired the composition. Greg collaborated with conductor Kristopher Sanz and the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras’ Philharmonic to create The Ring of the Nibelung "An Orchestral Journey". This orchestral suite draws from all four operas of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, condensing the 22-hour epic about the downfall of the gods into a 45-minute theatrical experience.

Complete List of Narrated Works

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Creating programs

Greg’s experience as an orchestral percussionist gives him insight into the challenges of managing an orchestra. Knowing how much it costs to hire musicians, source instruments, and rent scores and parts for great repertoire, Greg works with conductors and administrators to create family and school shows that take advantage of what the orchestra has on hand. Rental music for an upcoming subscription series concert, works from the public domain, and even reduced orchestra size can make great parameters creative, new programs!

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